Montrealer's company turns ashes of the dead into diamonds | CBC NewsLosing someone special can be a devastating and emotional experience. While some people choose to mourn their loved ones in traditional ways, others seek unique and innovative ways of memorializing them. One of the latest trends in this regard is turning the ashes of a loved one into a diamond. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the concept of ashes to diamonds and help you understand everything there is to know about this beautiful and meaningful option.

What are ashes to diamonds?

Ashes to diamonds is a unique process of creating a diamond from the ashes of a loved one. A pocket of ashes is subjected to high pressure and heat, which causes the carbon present in the ashes to convert into a diamond. The process is similar to that of natural diamond formation but is done inside a laboratory. The final product is a polished diamond that looks exactly like a natural diamond.

Benefits of ashes to diamonds:

One of the primary benefits of ashes to diamonds is the ability to carry your loved one with you wherever you go. The diamond is a tangible and long-lasting tribute that captures the essence of your loved one. Compared to other memorialization options, an ashes to diamond jewel is customizable and unique to each individual. You can choose the cut, the color, and the weight of the diamond, and even add an engraving to personalize the piece.

The four steps of creating an ashes to diamond:

The process of creating an ashes to diamond usually takes between six to nine months. There are four crucial steps involved in making the diamond. First, the ashes are analyzed to determine their carbon content. Based on the purity of the carbon, the size and color of your diamond are decided. Second, the carbon is purified, and the diamond seeds are formed. Third, the seeds are placed inside a growth chamber, where they undergo high temperature and pressure. Finally, the rough diamond is cut and polished, and the final product is a beautiful and unique diamond.

Affordability of ashes to diamonds:

While turning ashes into diamonds may seem like a luxurious matter, it is surprisingly affordable. The cost of the diamond depends on its size, cut, and color. Compared to traditional burial and cremation costs, ashes to diamonds can be a more affordable, but a unique option.


In conclusion, ashes to diamonds is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate the life of a loved one. It provides a tangible and long-lasting tribute that can be passed down through generations, capturing the essence of a loved one forever. While it is not a traditional way to memorialize your loved one, it is a touching way to keep their memory alive. Have you thought about turning your loved one’s ashes to a diamond? Share your views in the comments!